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Child Sponsorship Program

How our Program impacts their lives

The primary strategy used by Honduras Ministries to begin the transformation of lives and communities is the Child Enrichment Program. By sending a small monthly gift, sponsors help the children of impoverished families receive food, medical/dental care, hygiene products and instruction in life skills (including regular teachings from the Bible). Their parents receive overall pastoral care and specific training/counseling in family life skills.


We make sure each child has good, nutritious meals.


We cover the costs of school supplies and other fees.


We make sure all their medical and health needs are taken care of. 


We care for their spiritual needs and teach them about God's love.

Interested in sponsoring?

Our Child Enrichment Program seeks to enable the most needy children in our communities to find success, working so that each child has the opportunity to create a better life for themselves and their families. We work closely with the community leaders and teachers to identify the children who are most at risk and the families in greatest need of your assistance. It is because of these relationships that we are able to be very intentional about where support goes.

The monthly sponsorship is $48 per child and provides…

  • A monthly food bag for the family

  • Yearly school supplies

  • A School uniform

  • Medical, dental, and eye exams

  • After school activities two days per week, each including a nutritious meal

If you have decided to sponsor a child...

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