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Impact a child.
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Children's Safety

Here in Honduras @ Honduras Ministries: safety of the children comes first. For the privacy of our children who are available for sponsorship their personal information will be available after you become a child's sponsor.

As a sponsor, you'll be able to see your impact firsthand through letters and photos from your child. Through our Child Enrichment Program all sponsored children receive spiritual guidance, regular medical exams, and nourishing meals.



Birthday: June, 2015

Likes to play soccer, his favorite color is red, his favorite food is eggs with beans, he has a younger sister and his hobby is playing with all of his toys.



Birthday: October, 2015

He likes to play with toys from the Transformers movie. His favorite color is red. His favorite food is fries. He likes to go to school a lot.



Birthday: November, 2014

He likes to play with marbles. He has an older brother and a little sister. His favorite color is red and he loves to eat rice with chicken.

Dominic Joseph Vasquez PDVCD-004.JPG.JPG


Birthday: April, 2016

Dominick is a boy who, like every other child, likes to play a lot! He likes to play soccer, and also enjoys toy cars, music, and marbles.

Valeria Nahomi Peralta PDVCD-005.JPG.JPG


Birthday: September, 2015

Valeria is a creative girl who likes the arts. She likes to draw, listen to music, and paint!

Isael Antonio Mejia Miranda PDVCD-018.JPG.JPG


Birthday: October, 2015

Izael enjoys Spanish class at school and likes to play soccer with all his friends. He helps at home by running errands and making his bed every day.

Valery Vayoleth Maradiaga Rodriguez PDVCD-020.JPG.JPG


Birthday: February, 2017

Valery is an only child and lives with her parents. Valery enjoys music, drawing, and painting. She helps her mother clean the house.

PDVCN-031 Hetzel Yaquelin Vazquez.jpg


Birthday: october, 2017

Hezel enjoys art, playing with dolls, listening to music,and learning about God, and eating snacks. Her favorite subjects in school are music and art. She also likes to take care of animals and clean.

PDVCN-032 Alaya Nicol Aguilar Bustillo.jpg


Birthday: December, 2018

 Alaya likes to play games, have snacks, do many artistic activities including: drawing, dancing, and listening to music. For this reason, her favorite subjects in school are art and music.

PDVCN-033 Yamy Michell Torres Zelaya..jpg


Birthday: June, 2014

 Yami likes to listen to Bible stories, enjoy snacktime, and sing. She likes many things as well as playing sports as well as playing with dolls. One interesting fact abot Yami is that she likes math class.

PDVCN-034 Alan Alfredo Castillo Torres.jpg


Birthday: october, 2014

Alan likes to spend his time playing with marbles as well as listening to Gods word. He is an artistic child and likes to be creative.

PDVCN-035 Liam Mateo Andino Andino.jpg


Birthday: November, 2018

Liam likes to ride his bicycle around the village, play musical instruments, and do art or drawing. His favorite subject in school is art.

PDVCN-036 Scarleth Yaneth Tejada Vallejo..jpg


Birthday: November, 2015

Scarleth Loves to read and listen to music.She also sings and plays games with the other children.

PDVCN-037 Alisson Mileysi Rodriguez..jpg


Birthday: October, 2015

Alison is a social girl who enjoys making and playing games with others. She is very artistic and enjoys language thoroughly. She likes to come up with ideas and share Bible stories.  

PDVCN-039 Daniel Ivan Matomanos Briceño..jpg


Birthday: July, 2013

Enjoys listening to Bible stories, playing sports, games, taking snacks, learning about God, serving others, singing, playing soccer, toy cars, running, listening to music, and engaging in sports. His favorite school subjects include math, music, and art.

PDVCN-040 Osman Isai Matomoros..jpg


Birthday: May, 2016

Likes to spend time at home playing marbles and with his toy cars. he enjoys a variety of games  and sports. His favorite subject in school is music.

PDVCN-041 Yosary Valentina Rubio..jpg


Birthday: June, 2016

Likes to spend time playing with her dolls at home. She also really enjoys her art class in school as well as cooking.

PDVCN-042 Ashly Malubi Rubio..jpg


Birthday: June, 2016

She loves listening to music and trying out different art forms. Ashly's favorite school subject is art because it allows her to explore her artistic side and develop her creativity.

PDVCN-043 Fernando Andres Ramos.jpg.jpg


Birthday: October, 2018

He  is interested in a wide variety of things such as listening to Bible stories and playing games. He also enjoys playing with toy cars, bicycling, and participating in sports. Fernando's favorite school subject is language. 

PDVCN-044 Jostin Alejandro Osorto..jpg


Birthday: January, 2018

 He likes listening to Bible stories, playing games, and snacking. He also enjoys participating in sports and creating art. Yostin's favorite school subject is art where he can express himself through drawing, painting, and other artistic activities.

PDVCN-045 Antoni Jafeth Corea Flores..jpg


Birthday: October, 2017

He loves to play sports, ride his bike, snack on delicious treats, and learn about God. He also has a passion for creating art and drawing. Antony's favorite school subject is art.

PDVNC-046 Jehany Michell Rios Avila.jpg.jpg


Birthday: July, 2018

Jehany is a lively and outgoing child who loves to spend time with her friends. She enjoys dancing and drawing, and has a particular fondness for snacks and dolls. Her favorite subject in school is art, where she can explore her creative side.

PDVCN-047 Briana Yoileth Ochoa Rodriguez..jpg


Birthday: July, 2016

Briana is an energetic and passionate child who loves to sing and learn about God. She also enjoys running and indulging in her favorite snacks. Her favorite subjects in school are physical education and art, where she can express herself through movement and creativity.

PDVCN-050 Emily Milayn Cairanza..jpg


Birthday: August, 2019

An active child who enjoys listening to bible stories, playing sports.  She also loves to play instruments and run around outside. Her favorite subjects in school are art, physical education, and reading.

PDVCN-051 Saylin Lizeth Hernandez..jpg


Birthday: April, 2018

Saylin enjoys snacking and playing games with her friends. She also likes to listen to Bible stories, run, play hide and seek, dance, and create art. Her favorite subjects in school are art, health, and history.

PDVCN-052 Wilmer Isaac Hernandez..jpg


Birthday: Febuary, 2016

Wilmer is a very active child who enjoys playing games, snacking, making crafts, listening to Bible stories, playing sports, singing, learning about God, running, biking, playing marbles, and creating art. His favorite school subjects are art and physical education.

PDVSJ-056 Delmi Nohelia Pineda Ramírez..JPG


Birthday: November, 2018

Delmi enjoys expressing herself through art or drawing, and loves listening to music. Playing with dolls is also one of her favorite pastimes. Her favorite subjects in school are Art, Music, and P.E

PDVSJ-057 Saidy Daniela Muñoz Fuentes..JPG


Birthday: December, 2018

Saydi has a creative side and enjoys art or drawing, but also loves to run and stay active. Playing with dolls is one of her favorite things to do. In school, she particularly enjoys Art and Reading.

PDVSJ-058 Jesús ilario Muños Fuentes..JPG


Birthday: July, 2016

Jesus is a helpful and responsible child who takes on duties at home such as animal and child care, as well as running errands. He enjoys Art, Reading, Language, and P.E. in school.

PDVSJ-059 Yeilin Ariana Betanco Andino..JPG


Birthday: August, 2013

Yeilin is a reliable and hardworking child who helps out at home by making beds, providing child care, and running errands. Her favorite subjects in school are Art, Reading, and Language.

PDVSJ-060 Ivania Isabel Muñoz Gómez.JPG


Birthday: March, 2016

Ivana has a curious mind and loves expressing herself through art or drawing, listening to stories, playing with dolls, and going for bike rides. In school, she enjoys Art, Computer & Technology, Language, Math, and P.E.

PDVSJ-061 Etni Yolani Ponce Fuentes..JPG


Birthday: June, 2015

Etni is a creative and curious young girl who loves to draw, read, and sing. Her favorite subjects in school are art, language, reading, and physical education. 

PDVSJ-062 Maholi Yorleny Peralta Domínguez.JPG


Birthday: Febuary, 2017

Maholi loves expressing herself through art and spends most of her free time drawing. She also enjoys riding her bike and is an excellent student, excelling in subjects such as math, computer & technology, and reading.

PDVSJ-063 Ana Romelia Maldonado.JPG


Birthday: April, 2015

Ana is a creative and active child who enjoys drawing and cycling in her spare time. She is also a great student, with a keen interest in art, reading, math, computer & technology, and physical education.

PDVSJ-066 Alejandra María Perdomo Maradiaga.JPG


Birthday: June, 2017

Maria is a curious and bright child who loves to listen to stories, sing, and run around. She is a talented artist and excels in subjects such as history, computer & technology, math, reading, and language.

PDVSJ-067 Keyla Yulieth Carrasco Gómez_e


Birthday: March, 2019

Keyla is a young child who loves music and is too young for school. With your support, she can have access to quality education in the future.

PDVSJ-068 Elisa Ibeth Gómez Fuentes..JPG


Birthday: July, 2016

Elisa Iveth Gomez Fuentes enjoys art, reading, and outdoor activities such as biking and running. She excels in subjects like art, P.E., and computer technology. 

PDVSJ-070 Pamela Yulissa Gómez Rivas.JPG


Birthday: March, 2015

 Pamela is a responsible child who helps with household chores such as making beds, cleaning, and running errands. She also enjoys math, art, history, language, P.E., and reading.

PDVSJ-071 Hellen Isaura Durón Cruz.JPG


Birthday: January, 2016

 Helen Isaura Duron Cruz is a creative child who enjoys art, reading, hide and seek, and running. Her favorite subjects in school include art, computer technology, and P.E.

PDVSJ-072 Gricelda Yosmari Pineda Solano..JPG


Birthday: December, 2015

Gricelda, born in December 2015, enjoys drawing, playing hide-and-seek, and running. Her favorite subjects in school are art, language, math, P.E., and reading.

PDVSJ-073 Ceylin Sofia Vegas Sánchez.JPG


Birthday: September, 2018

Ceylin was born in September 2018 and loves playing with dolls, riding her bike, and running. She's too young for school still but is excited to learn.

PDVSJ-074 Mirna Monserath Ordoñez Armas.JPG


Birthday: May, 2016

Mirna, born in May 2016, has a passion for art, singing, and cycling. She enjoys learning in school, especially in subjects such as art, language, and reading.

PDVSJ-076 Jarvin Isai Palmas Rivas.JPG


Birthday: April, 2016

Jarvin, born in April 2016, likes drawing, playing with action figures, riding his bike, listening to music, and reading. He's interested in a variety of subjects at school, including art, language, reading, and P.E.

PDVSJ-077 John Isaías Ortiz Escaño..JPG


Birthday: March, 2018

John, born in March 2018, enjoys drawing, playing sports, marbles, hide-and-seek, and toy cars. His favorite subjects in school are art, language, reading, and P.E

PDVSJ-078 Nelis Roció Durón Pineda.JPG


Birthday: December, 2018

Nelis is a cheerful and playful child who loves to draw and play hide and seek. Born in 2018, Nelis is still too young for school, but her favorite subject is art. Her bright smile and positive attitude bring joy to those around her.

PDVC-083 Alejandra Asencion Linarez Flores..jpg


Birthday: June, 2015

Asención lives with her parents, she likes to play with dolls, and likes to sing.

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