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Support a Project

Each project is carried out believing that God will provide what is necessary to be a blessing to those who need it.

We present you our different categories of projects that we have available:

  1. Class room for the children, La Fortunita, $9,000

  2. Tile flooring, church building, 3 locations, Cerco de Piedra, San Jose, and La Fortunita, $1,900 each

  3. Flooring for Pastora Susana's home, La Fortunita, $1,100

  4. Children tables and chairs, 5 locations, 24 chairs and 4 tables each location, chairs are $35 each and tables are $75 each. $1,140 per location. Tables seat 6 and both chairs and tables are fabricated from metal.

  5. Ceiling, church building @ Cerco de Piedra, $2,500

  6. Decorative window bars for the children's class room @ San Jose, 1/2 the upper wall, 4 ft. high x 112 ft. long, $3,500. Walls are constructed of concrete blocks and are 4 ft. High. The walls are left open to allow for ventilation. The bars will prevent thieves and animals from entering.

  7. Property for a church building, Ciudad Nueva, $12,000, presently a building is being rented, the property in question has a house that can be used for class rooms. The church members are giving liberally, holding bake sales, garage sales, etc. and working hard to raise the money.

We invite you to be a blessing to our people in the rural communities we support. Your support will help enable them to carry out God's work by providing resources necessary to spread the Gospel.

Give cheerfully from your heart. God loves a cheerful giver. Your donation is a blessing for Honduras Ministries and a blessing for you.


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